The Outback Mobile Resource Unit Inc (or Mobile Toy Library) is a children's service providing play group sessions to children and families in the remote and isolated regions of Far Western New South Wales. We travel to various towns, communities and properties in the area, offering activities aimed at enhancing children's learning and social skills and providing support and resources to parents.

The program endeavours to cover all aspects of a child's development, including gross and fine motor skills, cognitive ability, language and self-help and caters to children of all ages (0-12). The service provides activities that can teach these skills in a fun and interesting way; play-dough, craft, painting, sports, dress-ups, dolls, puzzles, games and many others.

We also provide a Toy Library service, where members can borrow items and return them when we return at a later date. Membership has an annual fee of $30.00 per family.

The OMRU generally tries to attend each venue once every 3 or 4 weeks and because of the distances we must travel, we are often required to spend up to three or four nights a week out of town.

The Mobile spends about 42 weeks of the year on the road and operates during most school holidays. We do close down over the December-January school holidays, due to the usually extreme weather conditions.

The area we cover is approximately 220,000 kmē and is bounded by the South Australian, Queensland and Victorian borders. We travel approximately 43,000 kms each year.

The Outback Mobile Resource Unit is a federally funded service, through the Department of Social Services. We adhere to relevant regulations and guidelines pertaining to protecting the safety and well-being of all children. We are regulated by the New South Wales Department of Education and run by a Committee of Management, made up of parents and interested community members from the region.

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